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Substance Abuse Program



The goal of our Substance Abuse Program is to reduce the risk of harm and decrease problem behaviors that result from continued use of substances. The intent of the intervention is to take action that decreases risk factors related to substance use, abuse or dependency; enhance protective factors; and provide ongoing services, as appropriate.

The specific goal of each individual client is determined by his or her consumption pattern, the consequences of his or her use, and the setting in which the intervention is delivered. The goal of treatment for individuals diagnosed with chemical dependency is to improve social functioning through complete abstinence from alcohol and drugs. 

DUI Metropolitan Services, Inc. provides the following levels of care:


Early Intervention

Early Intervention Program will include a minimum of 12 hours of group sessions provided over a minimum of four weeks with no more than three hours per day in any seven consecutive days, subsequent completion of any and all necessary treatment, and, after discharge, active ongoing participation in all activities specified in the continuing care plan, if so recommended, following completion of early intervention.

Outpatient Treatment (OP)
The frequency and intensity of such treatment will depend on patient need but will be a planned regimen of regularly scheduled sessions that average less than nine hours per week.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)
The frequency and intensity of such treatment shall depend on patient need but shall be a planned regimen of scheduled sessions for a minimum of nine hours per week. 


DUI Metropolitan Services, Inc. also provides


Risk Education Program

The purpose of DUI Risk Education is to provide orientation to clients regarding the impact of alcohol and other drug use on individual behavior and driving skills and to allow offenders to further explore the personal ramifications of their own substance use and abuse.

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