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THE PATH to reinstatement is a program designed to support revoked drivers to regain their driving privileges through the Secretary of State Administrative Hearing.


The Secretary of State Administrative Hearing process is one of the most difficult experiences that revoked drivers can face. There are no “quick fixes” or easy ways”.  At the hearing time, Petitioners (revoked drivers) need to present a set of documents that must meet the Secretary of State’s rules and regulations as provided by the Administrative Code.  Any deficiency or inconsistency in these documents may be a cause for denial.

At the hearing time, the petitioners’ testimony plays a crucial role in their chances to regain their driving privileges. They need to articulate a clear and convincing statement that can persuade the Secretary of State that they will be safe, responsible and reliable drivers. Petitioners must be able to make clear any and all concerns that the Hearing Officer may have.

They need to be prepared but also need to be honest and sincere with their testimony.  In this process, it is the truth and only the truth that is going to regain their driving privileges.

There are two things that petitioners can’t have:

Alcohol abuse or illegal drugs use and driving privileges.

If you have changed your lifestyle, if you are committed to living a responsible and productive life without illegal drugs or alcohol abuse, you are welcome to THE PATH TO REINSTATEMENT.

If you need help to begin this lifestyle changes, we are here to help.


We enthusiastically support your efforts and very much look forward to a wonderful opportunity to know you better and to walk together this process. It is our hope that this experience will bring constructive changes into your life, and will make you a happier, brighter and more successful person.

The Secretary of State Administrative Hearing might be one of the most intricate experiences in your life but also might be the beginning of a better future for you and your family.


It is our wish you can join us in our efforts to make the State of Illinois roads safer for our families and the public. We have the same values and share the same concerns that The Illinois Secretary of State and organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).




DUI Metropolitan Services, Inc.

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